MINI Cooper – Diagnosis Without Guesswork: 2002-2006


Diagnostic tools and techniques
Component descriptions and operation
Circuit wiring schematics
Pinout charts, waveforms, and nominal values
Bus system operation and testing
OBD II P-code (DTC) lookup

This MINI Cooper Diagnosis Without Guesswork handbook is a diagnostic manual written for the professional technician and the MINI enthusiast. Not intended to be a repair manual, this handbook is your comprehensive source for engine management and on-board system diagnosis.


For the MINI technician with advanced automotive test equipment, the circuit descriptions, pinout charts, wiring schematics, scope traces, and real-world nominal values will prove essential in diagnosing problem cars.


Even if you own only a generic OBD-II scan tool, a DVOM and a set of jumper wires, this book will help provide fast answers and guidance as it steps you through the diagnostic process.

As a result of publishing our MINI repair manuals, we have been asked for DTC-based diagnostic information. This handbook is a response to that feedback.


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Ferdinand Porsche-
Genesis of Genius
Road, Racing and Aviation Innovation 1900 to 1933
by Karl Ludvigsen
Hardcover, 9.5 in. by 12 in.
496 pages
570 photos & illustrations
Language: English
Bentley Stock Number: GPGE
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1334-5
Price: $274.95
Limited Edition of 500
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Bentley Publishers is proud to announce the publication of the newest Porsche historical book by Karl Ludvigsen, author of the award-winning Porsche: Excellence Was Expected.

This limited collector’s edition has been built to the personal standards of Ernst Piëch, Ferdinand Porsche’s eldest grandson.

In Ferdinand Porsche-Genesis of Genius, author Karl Ludvigsen reveals a dynamic young innovator who helped to chart the course of the automobile through the first decades of the twentieth century. As early as 1900, at the age of 25, Ferdinand Porsche pioneered hybrid technology to power his automobile designs. Once gasoline gained dominance as the power-source of choice, Porsche became relentless in his goal to design the fastest and most durable automobiles in Europe.

Porsche’s engineering brilliance did not stop at the automobile. He also made significant contributions to the early development of airplane engines and military transport vehicles. And in addition to his hands-on style of engineering, Ferdinand Porsche was a tireless managing executive in the automotive industry.

Ferdinand Porsche-Genesis of Genius explores in depth the unique combination of ambition, determination and genius that were the genesis of an automotive dynasty which has continued to thrive and expand for over a century.

Ferdinand Porsche-Genesis of Genius combines the dramatic story of Ferdinand Porsche’s early career with over 500 rare documents and photographs depicting his earliest creations. Developed with the personal involvement of Ferdinand Porsche’s eldest grandson, Ernst Piëch, this book is a distinctive reflection of the quality and history of Porsche values.

Chapter 3: Electrifying Automobiles 1900-1905
In neat sketches in his own notebook, Porsche worked out the electrical connections that would be needed to control the forward speeds of his powerful Panhard-powered Mixtes of 1905.

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Greg Vasileff’s MINI Cooper S race car is now at MINI of Inskip. They are sponsoring his vehicle and he now has a cool place to store it for the off-season.
I have been offering technical help when I can to Greg since last winter. I had a chance to visit with him and see the car in person at NHMS this past summer.

The car is great looking, fast and real crowd favorite. I am happy to be on board. What ever that entails.

NHMS 2008
On course

Heading into the showroom at MINI of Inskip




Onboard with Greg at new Hampshire Motor Speedway
Some discussion about that day at the track. As described by Greg.

….I must also thank Nick Czerula from Bentley Publishing. His input has been invaluable. Thanks to Bentley for coming on board as a sponsor. Fact is that this entire build was done with my Bentley manual by my side. I’m on my second one as my first has been beaten to death. ….



When you just HAVE to finish the race.

throttle cable repair

With less than a mile left in a stage of the Ralley de Serrians in France, the throttle cable in our hero’s Renault finally gives up the ghost. Does he give up? No! Does the team try to push their way to the finish? Hell no! The driver tells his co-pilot to man the wheel while he hops into the engine bay, pulls the hood over himself and then manually controls the throttle cable bracket to a heroic finish. The picture above speaks for itself.


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Repair Manual

Following in the tradition of our popular BMW, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen titles, look for the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W202) Service Manual: 1994-2000 arriving in early January.

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