In this article we will replace the standard (w/o on-board computer) directional stalk with an On-board computer stalk and then reprogram the instrument cluster using a factory scan tool to access the on board features.
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A brand-new BMW repair manual for the current model 3 series.

The BMW 3 Series Service Manual: 2006-2009 contains repair and maintenance information for the E90 Sedan and E91 Sports Wagon models, as well as the Coupe (E92) and hardtop convertible (E93).

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Run-Flat Tires


These self-supporting tires with integrated reinforcements allow tires that have experienced a loss of air pressure to maintain their shape and full use. In fact, you can drive on a flat for up to 150 miles at reduced speeds, so you don’t have to stop in an unsafe area to change a tire or wait for roadside assistance.*

Run-flat tire inflated

Run-flat tire deflated

* Cars with run-flat tires generally do not come equipped with a spare tire. Due to low profile tires, please note that wheels, tires and suspension parts are more susceptible to road hazard and consequential damages.

Car Communication Service Mode
Information available in the CCC are software, hardware, and system status

-Open Start menu
-Press and hold Controller for at least 10 s
-Move iDrive controller 3 stops to the right
-Move iDrive controller 3 stops to the left
-Move iDrive controller 1 stop to the right
-Move iDrive controller 1 stop to the left
-Move iDrive controller 1 stop to the right
-Press iDrive controller once
To exit Service mode press the Menu button.

Car Communication Service Mode