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7 Responses to “Contact Bentley”

  1. Peter Says:

    Do you have any plans for publishing a manual for the Mini 2007+?


  2. Nick Says:

    It is on our list, (close to the top). We are currently working on other projects and have not put it in the official schedule. We do plan to get to it soon.

    Thanks for the interest and keep an eye here or at for news about our future releases and projects.

  3. Dwight Davis Says:

    I am trying to replace the rear brake pads on a 2006 VW tdi. I followed the proper steps in your manual, but was unable to retract the piston. I have a Lisle retracting tool which is now broken due to the force that I used to unsuccessfully press the piston back into the caliper cylinder. What do I try next. The car has 109000 miles and I just noticed that the rear brakes sounded as though they needed attention, which they do indeed as they are definitely worn ( front pads are about 1/2 worn)How do I retract the piston? Thank you.

  4. Nick Says:

    Unfortunately when rear caliper pistons will not retract they are faulty. They could be frozen just enough where an aftermarket tool may not be strong enough to break the piston free. However, if your tool broke and you do not have access to VW special tool T10165 you will have to replace the rear brake calipers.

    In the future or if you need further assistance, please direct your question to the following url:

  5. Jeff Says:

    Are there 2 different versions your service manual for VW Golf, Jetta, GTI 1999-2005? I ask because I see that one cover has slanted printing below the title, but when I click on the “Printable Info Sheet” then the cover has that same text printed horizontally.

    I’m looking for the service manual to a 2006 Golf 1.9L TDI(BEW)and I want to make sure that this book will meet this criteria, as the title doesn’t specifically say that it is for 2006 golfs.


  6. Nick Says:

    Using the 7 and 8 digit of your VIN we can identify your platform.

    If they are 1J – you have an A4 which is covered by this manual

    If you have a 1K – y have an A5 which is covered by this manual

    Thanks for catching the difference in the info sheet and the cover. The info sheet was a preproduction version. It will be updated soon.

  7. Meletis Meletiou Says:

    i am prepairing a technical seminar for BMW 320 E90 for a training center in Cyprus. Any manuals, like sensors or component location, fault codes manuals, repaire manuals

    Thank you

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