Bentley Publishers MINI Cooper Diagnosis Without Guesswork reviewed by a 30 year automotive techncian. Truly a valued opinion.

I recently purchased “MINI COOPER Diagnosis Without Guesswork”. After 30 years in the business of repairing cars and trucks and having read hundreds of service manuals and subscribed to on-line information systems and can truly say this is how an automotive repair manual should be laid out. Not a silver bullet book full of supposed pattern failures. But a book that starts with the correct approach that a technician should take in beginning to diagnosis a vehicle, through the tools the technician may need and the correct information to learn the effected system and to repair the vehicle. I liked the fact that it showed several different tools being used in servicing the vehicle, not just OE tooling. Telling how a specific failed component affects the vehicle is also a big help. I feel confident that with this manual I can accurately repair one of these vehicles in a timely manner without guessing!

Steven Falk
Park Ave Service
Wantagh, New York

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MINI Cooper – Diagnosis Without Guesswork: 2002-2006


Diagnostic tools and techniques
Component descriptions and operation
Circuit wiring schematics
Pinout charts, waveforms, and nominal values
Bus system operation and testing
OBD II P-code (DTC) lookup

This MINI Cooper Diagnosis Without Guesswork handbook is a diagnostic manual written for the professional technician and the MINI enthusiast. Not intended to be a repair manual, this handbook is your comprehensive source for engine management and on-board system diagnosis.


For the MINI technician with advanced automotive test equipment, the circuit descriptions, pinout charts, wiring schematics, scope traces, and real-world nominal values will prove essential in diagnosing problem cars.


Even if you own only a generic OBD-II scan tool, a DVOM and a set of jumper wires, this book will help provide fast answers and guidance as it steps you through the diagnostic process.

As a result of publishing our MINI repair manuals, we have been asked for DTC-based diagnostic information. This handbook is a response to that feedback.