The Proposed Regulation would reduce GHG emissions from vehicles operating with
under inflated tires. Properly inflated tires reduce the rolling resistance of a vehicle
resulting in the vehicle’s engine having to do less work to move the vehicle at roadway
speeds. The end result is a fuel savings that staff estimates will reduce GHG emissions
by an estimated 1.4 million metric tons in 2020. Since the vehicle’s engine has to do
less work, Californians can also expect minor reductions in exhaust emissions for both
particulate matter and oxides of nitrogen, as well as prolonged tire life, and the
associated health and environmental benefits. The Proposed Regulation applies to all
automotive service providers performing or offering to perform automotive maintenance
or repair services in California. Examples of automotive service providers include but
are not limited to automotive dealerships, maintenance garages, oil change facilities,
tire centers, and smog check or test only facilities.

The Proposed Regulation requires that beginning July 1, 2010, all automotive service
providers will perform a tire inflation service (check and inflate) on all passenger
vehicles that are brought in to a facility for service or repair. The automotive service
providers would be required to indicate on the vehicle service invoice that the tire
pressure service was performed and what the tire pressures were after the service was
completed to verify compliance with the regulation. The regulation also requires that the
automotive service providers use and maintain an American National Standards
Institute grade tire gauge and a tire inflation reference manual to ensure the highest
level accuracy.

The Proposed Regulation does not apply to auto body and paint facilities, auto glass
installers, auto parts distributers and retailers, auto wreckers or dismantlers, unless
automotive repair and maintenance services are also offered, or any vehicle with a
gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more. In addition, an automotive service provider is not required to perform a check and inflate service on any tire deemed to be unsafe. Further, it is only required to perform a tire pressure check on tires inflated with pure nitrogen. Inflation would not be required unless the facility had pure nitrogen inflation capabilities onsite.

A hearing is scheduled for March 26, 2009 9:00 a.m. at the California Environmental Protection Agency Air Resources Board Byron Sher Auditorium, Second Floor 1001 I Street
Sacramento, California 95814