Global Warming scores are now appearing on the DriveClean web
site. The Environmental Performance Label is required on all new
MY cars manufactured for sale in California on or after January
1, 2009.

Visit to find out more about the
Environmental Performance Label and to see how new cars rate. is a web site of the California Air Resources Board developed as a resource for car buyers to find clean technology vehicles. The web site is designed to educate Californians of the large difference in pollution levels between vehicles, and the variety of clean vehicle options available today that offer the same performance and luxury features as traditional gasoline vehicles. provides educational information on clean advanced technologies, and offers a variety of useful search and comparison tools to help car buyers find the cleanest vehicle that suits their lifestyle.

As a way for car buyers to compare the pollution levels between vehicles, provides smog and global warming information for all vehicles from 1996 to present. Detailed information, specifications and images are provided only for the cleanest vehicle options available on the market.

Soon it will be easy to determine how each car rates when it comes to air pollution. That is because the Air Resources Board (ARB) requires that all new cars beginning with the 2009 model year display the new Environmental Performance (EP) label.

Two scores from 1 – 10 are provided on the EP label, a Smog Score and a Global Warming Score – each having unique environmental impacts. These scores compare emissions between all vehicle classes and sizes with the average new car scoring a 5 on both scales