I am disappointed the Man vs Machine race never happened. I can guess what the outcome would have been. Still not the same as seeing it. Track too slippery? bah!

Highlights from the event. Results below.

Schedule of Events
Time (GMT) Event
13.00-14.15 Displays
13.55-14.15 Hoy vs Hamilton “Man vs Machine” Challenge
14.30-16.30 The ROC Nations Cup
16.35-17.15 Displays
16.35-16.50 Lewis Hamilton in his title winning McLaren
16.55-17.15 X-Fighters Freestyle show
17.30-19.30 The Race of Champions

Man vs Machine (cancelled – track too slippery for cycling)
Driver vs Driver
Chris Hoy Lewis Hamilton

Nation’s Cup: Round 1
Driver vs Driver
Tom Kristensen (w) Yvan Muller
Sebastien Loeb Mattias Ekstrom (w)
Jenson Button (w) Carl Edwards
Tanner Foust Andy Priaulx (w)
Jaime Alguersuari David Coulthard (w)
Adam Carroll Michael Schumacher (w)
Tanner Foust Jenson Button (w)
Gareth MacHale Sebastian Vettel (w)

Nation’s Cup: Round 2
Driver vs Driver
Tom Kristensen (w) Jenson Button
Andy Priaulx (w) Mattias Ekstrom
Michael Schumacher (w) David Coulthard
Sebastian Vettel (w) Jason Plato

Nation’s Cup: Round 3
Driver vs Driver
Tom Kristensen (w) Andy Priaulx
Germany through automatically

Nation’s Cup: Final
Driver vs Driver
Tom Kristensen Michael Schumacher (w)
Sebastian Vettel Mattias Ekstrom (w)
Michael Schumacher (w) Mattias Ekstrom
Nation’s Cup Winner: Germany

Race of Champions: Round 1
Driver vs Driver
Michael Schumacher (w) Tom Kristensen
Carl Edwards (w) Jaime Alguersuari
Jenson Button Tanner Foust (w)
David Coulthard (w) Gareth MacHale
Andy Priaulx (w) Jason Plato
Mattias Ekstrom (w) Adam Carroll
Sebastien Loeb (w) Yvan Muller
Sebastian Vettel (w) Troy Bayliss

Race of Champions: Round 2
Driver vs Driver
Michael Schumacher Carl Edwards (w)
Tanner Foust David Coulthard (w)
Andy Priaulx (w) Mattias Ekstrom
Sebastien Loeb (w) Sebastian Vettel

Race of Champions: Round 3
Driver vs Driver
Carl Edwards David Coulthard (w)
Andy Priaulx Sebastien Loeb (w)

Race of Champions: Final
Driver vs Driver
David Coulthard (1) Sebastien Loeb (2)
RoC Champion: Sebastien Loeb